About Us

Maria Colaco founded MariaColacoDance with one simple mission: to move. To move our bodies, yes, but also to move dance through innovation, and to move the world with a new perspective.

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To move the world, Maria Colaco creates work that is a culmination of her cultural, professional and educational experiences – whether from her native India, her years on Florida’s Redneck Riviera or her current life in New York. Influenced by pedestrian gestures, break dancing, classic modern dance and theatre, and frequently utilizing text and a wide range of media, Maria Colaco’s work appeals to an ever-expanding audience. Maria’s choreography benefits from her commitment to challenge the established boundaries between sacred and secular, classical and pop, comedy and tragedy.

MariaColacoDance seeks to move dance into new venues and to expand its audience through festival performances, site-specific work and residencies at colleges and schools. MariaColacoDance has been featured in performances at such venues as Dancewave, Mulberry Street Theater, Pier 63, University Settlement, City Center and Dance New Amsterdam (formerly Dance Space Center) all in New York City. Maria has been the artist in residence at Okaloosa-Walton College ( Florida) and Greenwich Academy( Connecticut).

MariaColacoDance strives to move modern dance into new territory by seeking an unconventional audience, encouraging experimentation and innovation, and by integrating the familiar and vernacular into an art form that is too often seen as foreign and unknown.

Ultimately, MariaColacoDance wants to move you. We will see you at our next show!